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While hiking the PCT I found myself trapped on a perilous knife's edge. My own faulty judgement had brought here, under-equipped (no crampons or ice axe), in duct-taped trail-runners and shorts pierced by snow past the knee. Daylight was fleeing, weather was coming. The next day, if I was lucky enough to see it, carried with it near-certain fog and sleet. Safer to go back, easier to go forward, with a mantra along the lines of "you can do this, don't stop, don't look down, keep going" I traversed over the course of two-plus hours a narrow spine of rock, snow, and ice, sometimes as wide as my hips, steep enough at any point to plummet. I thought I would for sure hold grasp on the perspective that experience had brought me, but it slips free with time and smaller thoughts and memories creep in. This song is a production of the brief mortal tension I felt on the knife's edge.