No Dogs in Philly

Book 1 In the Special Sin Series

Philadelphia. Elzi on every corner, cops just itching to crack a skull, and the Gaespora lordin' it up in their high towers while the rest of the filth dribbled down the sewer. Saru had a way out. All she had to do was find the girl, one skinny stray with blue, blue eyes—bluer than anyone had ever seen—and ten million fat bucks were hers. Except someone was killing blue-eyed girls, and they were A-list, major-league, cold-sweat effective. And something about the end of all existence if she failed. 

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No Dogs in Philly: 

"H.P. Lovecraft's Epic Cosmic Horror Melded with Gritty Cyberpunk - A Favorite Combination"

— Tinfoot, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer (Read Full Review)

"...a creative and fascinating novel, both eminently satisfying and leaving me hungry for more."

— Carl C. Nelson (Read Full Review)

"Fantastic ride, unpredictable, fast paced, fun"

— Hillary Dennison (Read Full Review)