Hi, I'm Andy. I write books and make music

Photo: Me telling a story at You Can't Fail, Tattoed Mom's, Philadelphia. Estimated audience in the millions.

About Me

I live in the mystical realm of New Jersey

Actual photo of New Jersey

Actual problem in New Jersey

I work for this cat


I walked from Georgia to Maine

Somewhere in Maine, probably.

(I'm still writing the book about this)

and Mexico to Canada

Almost died a few times on this one

I like making AI Art

I once starred in a movie

Yes, I really am in this

Here are some other places you can find me:

Where I post and sell electronic music.

Honestly, I barely know how to use this. But I try.

Where I post AI Art.

Where I post a variety of art, music, and book info.

Friend me if you're down for a game of Civ 5. 

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Where all the videos for this site live and where one day I hope to have music videos.

But the best way to keep in touch is to