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The Truth About Overwatch

Imagine a game of Overwatch with no duplicate characters—once a character is chosen no one else can play as them. In this scenario the characters of Overwatch are distinct persons.
In this world the characters of Overwatch are heroes cum mercenaries. Their watch ended, their struggle won or lost, they are reduced to venal pursuits to make ends meet or simply to stave off boredom. Puissant and bereft of a unifying cause, they often find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict. The battles revolve around mundane objectives—moving a payload from one location to another, capturing strategic territory.
In El Dorado and Junkertown a group of Overwatch mercenaries performs armored car duty. Perhaps they are transferring the weekly payroll for Union Pacific, or the ill-gotten gains of a cartel. In Hollywood the Overwatch mercenaries serve as bodyguards for Harvey Weinstein as he travels to the premier of a new Polanksi-Allen collaboration. Another group of Overwatch thugs attempts an assas…
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This Wednesday in Philadelphia — Tell Me a Story: At the Table

I'll be spinning my now infamous cooking show yarn at a special Tell Me a Story benefit for the South Philly Food Co-op. If you haven't been before, it's cool cats like yours truly spilling our guts for laughs and tears and few moments of stunned silence. Info:

Wednesday, April 25 6:30pm – 9:00pm Adobe Cafe Tell Me A Story brings Philadelphia's long-running live storytelling show to South Philly to benefit the South Philly Food Co-op! Produced and hosted by Hillary Rea, the evening will feature a colorful line-up of storytellers sharing true stories on the night's theme: At the Table.  Storytellers, showcasing a range of experiences from a variety of backgrounds, include:  --Andy Futuro (Author of Josephine Wins Again)  --Geoff Jackson (Comedian and Host of Schooled at Good Good Comedy Theatre)  --Karen Johnson (Ice Cream Maker for Little Baby's Ice Cream)  --Katonya Mosley (Producer and Host of "For My People")  --Amanda Feifer O’Brien (Expert fermen…

Moenie and Kitchi by Gregory and the Hawk

I discovered Gregory and the Hawk while dowsing YouTube. My heart was in a strange place, a mood not easily deciphered, but I knew at first listen this was the antidote. My search had ended but my journey had just begun. Recommended for watching soft snow fall on a sunny morning with a black cat who's the runt of her litter on your lap.

As always, reward the artist by buying their album:

Tell Me A Story: Unpopular Opinions

Tell Me A Story - Wednesday, Septemeber 13, 7 p.m., @ Shot Tower Philadelphia

Come hear me talk about inventing Tuna Sundaes on a cooking show. Lots of other talented people telling stories as well.  Five bucks lets you in the door.

Education Disrupted — We do not live; we consume

From the NYT today, Silicon Valley Courts Brand-Name Teachers, Raising Ethics Issues

Does the term "Brand-name teacher" make anyone else's skin crawl?

I must be an old soul for longing for the days of quiet professionalism, where laboring in obscurity in a societal role was met with regard and enough coin to make a living. Did those days ever exist? You'll have to tell me. My entire life I have only known an America of braggadocio, self-branding, mercenarism, marketing, hustle, and the erosion of dignity in the hope of sales.

The lucre-sucking maw of our billionaire oligarchs has been feeding on the education system for decades now. Segregation (oh yeah, it never stopped), lousy charter schools,  labyrinths of expensive, nerve-wracking, and largely pointless testing, and the gradual degradation of teaching have all delivered body blows to the instrument that in theory is supposed to children for the future.

And maybe it's working just the way it's supposed t…

The War on Drugs — Good listening

From On the Media, "This American War on Drugs," a nice rundown of a failed, bloody, destructive, hateful policy (podcast).

And a great song from The War on Drugs to cleanse your palate.