Cam - Spring Garden Station



Due to increased elzi activity at this station, all fare collection will be prosecuted by our friendly automated system SEPTAMUS. Please have fare ready for collection immediately after disembarking. Fare evasion will result in fines and / or imprisonment. SEPTAMUS has deadly force authorization under City Ordnance p.n. 479 “Protection of AI and Automated Properties.” 

Please note all emergency help boxes have been disabled. Assistance will NOT be rendered. 

Visit this station at your own risk.

800 N. Front Street
This station is served by:
Market-Frankford Line
BusinessPlus Line

Fare zone:
Base Transit Fare
Assistance Zone Fare
BusinessPlus Expedited Service

There is no sales office at this station.
There is no parking at this station.
There is no bathroom at this station.


A location from my bestselling cyberpunk novel No Dogs in Philly. 

Help me pick the best art for the re-release!
No Dogs in Philly is FREE until the re-release!
Good reviews and ratings help me so much!

Part of the Special Sin Universe.

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