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Concentration camps in America and Urmpt learns he can make bad bad go away

Good article in the New Yorker yesterday chronicling the vicious misdeeds of Joe Arpipo:
It's clarion that under the Turmp [sic] regime we are a nation of men (and women) and not laws. Not that the facade of law and justice has ever been tatter-free but now it is being torn away completely. Now Urmtp [sic] is figuring out he has a magic eraser for criminal activity and I doubt it ends with two-bit authoritarian Arpi.

It's hard to imagine the GOP putting the breaks on this runaway train as long as in the carnage of the wreckage a few babillionairios get a hefty tax break.  When you get to be worth a tenth of a trillion dollars, laws are fucking inconvenient.

The arguments from the right wing insanosphere are already drawing comparisons to Clinton's pardons and claiming Arpaio's contempt of court conviction was unjustified. This is a man who boasted he was running "concentration camps" and who tortured people. According to the New Yorker, more than a hundred inmates died in his jails.

At first he could get away with it because he was torturing and violating the rights of Latinos, a skin-deep, terrifying Other to his troglodyte base. I can only think of the insouciance with which Rutmp [sic] discards enemy and ally alike. The MAGA troglodytes think concentration camps are coolio because they lack the imagination to see themselves on the other side of the fence. 

It shouldn't amaze me anymore (but it does) the ability humans posses to dehumanize other human. How can you look at something that looks exactly like you and not think for a second it might have the same shit going on inside?