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The War on Drugs — Good listening

From On the Media, "This American War on Drugs," a nice rundown of a failed, bloody, destructive, hateful policy (podcast).

And a great song from The War on Drugs to cleanse your palate.

"How America Lost Its Mind" or We're All Going to Die

From the Atlantic. An interesting, if opinionated, rundown of our great American choose-your-own-con fantasia and why we're cruisin' toward dystopia. For those of us moored to objective reality and who practice empiricism (is anybody out there, hello?) it's a nice opportunity to feel self-pity and superiority. Where's Ayn Rand when you need her? Oh, she's a hero of the Bible-thumpers now? Whaaaat?
 People see our shocking Trump moment—this post-truth, “alternative facts” moment—as some inexplicable and crazy new American phenomenon. But what’s happening is just the ultimate extrapolation and expression of mind-sets that have made America exceptional for its entire history. (Emphasis mine) [Acknowledges America is not exceptional; proceeds to treat America as exceptional]

I hate, hate, hate the constant trumpeting of American exceptionalism. That shit's really gonna get us killed one of these days (like, tomorrow at this rate). America is not innately gooder …

"Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?" — Oui

Another article alleging what we all suspect, that the spy cams in our pockets are also psychic poison. It would be nice to include the data.

I held out on getting a smartphone well into the era where my choice was popularly regarded as odd, but it never seemed necessary to me. Even then I had an uneasy feeling about it. Then in the midst of a big ghostwriting contract, my faithful flip phone crapped out. I had a phone interview in three hours so I trekked to the Verizon store and picked a phone that would be a free upgrade under my plan. The only options were smartphones and I picked the LG POS.

It was loaded with bloatware (including an un-uninstallable golf game) and laughably slow and half the time the software to actually make a phone call crashed, so in many regards it was a huge downgrade from my phone that could actually work as a phone. But having non-stop access to the in…

Concentration camps in America and Urmpt learns he can make bad bad go away

Good article in the New Yorker yesterday chronicling the vicious misdeeds of Joe Arpipo:

It's clarion that under the Turmp [sic] regime we are a nation of men (and women) and not laws. Not that the facade of law and justice has ever been tatter-free but now it is being torn away completely. Now Urmtp [sic] is figuring out he has a magic eraser for criminal activity and I doubt it ends with two-bit authoritarian Arpi.

It's hard to imagine the GOP putting the breaks on this runaway train as long as in the carnage of the wreckage a few babillionairios get a hefty tax break.  When you get to be worth a tenth of a trillion dollars, laws are fucking inconvenient.

The arguments from the right wing insanosphere are already drawing comparisons to Clinton's pardons and claiming Arpaio's contempt of court conviction was unjustified. This is a man who boasted he was running "concentration c…