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Appalachian trail: still alive

Despite its best efforts, the trail has failed to kill me. Nature is less and less idyllic the more time you spend in it. I'm pretty sure that if trees could wring any gain from our destruction they would prey upon us.Many things have happened. We spent a week living with a pair of trail Angels. We built them a compost bin as thanks. At one point the rain came at us so strongly it brought the whole Atlantic ocean down on our heads. We learned what hiking uphill through a river feels like. I swear I saw a fish.Our wizard friend carried eggs and bagels to the top of a mountain and cooked us egg sandwiches on a frying pan the size of a coaster. We slept in a garage that looked like an opium bin. We saw a naked man in a cowboy hat directing traffic. The sun rose and then it set. That happened many times. Sometimes it was beautiful.We night hiked through a corn field under a full moon. Did you know the eyes of spiders reflect the light of your head lamps? They look like little green je…