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Appalachian Trail: Fractures

We've reached the 1000 mile mark and now we are broken. Bear Squad has split into Shire Squad and Recon Squad. Recon Squad is doing what's called a flip-flop, where they will go to Katahdin (the northern terminus) from Harpers Ferry (the halfway point) and then hike south. I and the rest of Shire Squad--yes, that shire--will continue north to brave the coming cold. We're sad to see the group split up, but we all understand you need to hike your own hike.

Today Shire Squad is zeroing at the Bear's Den hostel, which has a computer with a seizure-inducing rave screen. I'm constantly moving the window around the desktop to avoid the AUTO CONFIG PLEASE WAIT message that appears without warning and is disinclined to leave. I must use the computer as a few weeks ago I broke into spontaneous free-from dance at the top of a ridge line and managed to shatter the screen of my phone. It has been difficult to coordinate a replacement from the middle of the woods.

Since last I …