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Blogging on your phone with google docs, photos, and the blogger app

I use blogger to blog and I have the app on my phone. The plan is to continue writing posts in the blogger app and publish as I go. I thought it would be simple, but boy was I wrong.
Blogger as an app works well enough, but is inconsistent and unstable. I would write an entire post only to have the text disappear after leaving the text editor. I cannot stress the danger of this enough--draft your posts in another editor before copying to blogger. This problem occurred every time I used a bluetooth keyboard with my phone.
In addition, it is surprisingly difficult to attach photos to posts. If you select a photo from the wrong folder, using the wrong program, all you get is a black box that then causes blogger to crash when you try to remove it.
I then tried drafting posts in google keep and using the export feature to send them to blogger. Keep saves your work as you go I this was ideal. It is also easy to add notes via voice command, which could later serve as the germs of future posts. In addition it is possible to select multiple notes in keep and export them into a single google document. However when exporting the notes from keep to blogger the pictures never tagged along, turning into black boxes that rendered the post itself a minefield of potential crashes.
After much trial and error, I believe I have found a workable workflow for blogging on my phone, which is a Moto 3G running Android with the latest version. It uses the following three google apps: documents, photos, and blogger.
Create a new google doc and draft blog post.
Use photos to edit the photos you want. Photos has an excellent editing tool. I use it mostly to crop and rotate. Make sure the photos are on your device. If they are not download them or they will not transfer to blogger.
Add the photos to your blog post. It is much easier to do this in docs than blogger itself, and you can position them better.
Select all and copy your blog to the clipboard.
Open blogger and paste into a new blog post. The text and photos should carry over. The photos will appear as small gray rectangles until you exit the post content editor.
Save as draft or publish. Photos should show as attached.
However, this does not appear to work in airplane mode so I wonder if these operations occur off the device. Will need to investigate further. Lists do not appear to copy.

Update: An annoying limitation. Although photos appear nicely formatted in documents, it appears that copying them to blogger they copy as the original size. Changing the setting to upload pictures as a default size in the blogger app has no effect on this. So unless I figure something out the photos will appear gigantic on the blog. Guh.

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