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Appalachian Trail food

Went to Walmart for supplies and wound up buying way too much food.
My eyes are bigger than my bear bag it seems. But food is a real weakness for me on these expeditions, always having to eat the same bland, processed crap so I usually go overweight on the stuff to keep my sanity.
I’m going to try to go a week before a major resupply, so I pared down to the essentials for seven days. That would be breakfast, clif bars (ugh) some random cookie bars, and either hot lunch and dinner or a skipped lunch and a double dinner. Yay! I gought oatmeal again too for breakfast. I hate oatmeal but can never seem to remember that fact in the store when I look at how light and cheap it is. A week of gruel will surely jog the ‘ol noggin.
Look at that, it fits. You’re impressed, I can tell. Even room for some extra stuff. Gummies and fruit snacks I think it should be. I consider myself a genius for the way I tucked that pot in there. No need to keep that gas and the pocket rocket in the bear bag. I won’t be able to fit the medicines either but I reckon they don’t smell too strong.
Scale says about 10 pounds for the whole shebang. I’ll take it. Might even bring some extra stuff and eat like a king the first day.