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Appalachian Trail food

Went to Walmart for supplies and wound up buying way too much food. My eyes are bigger than my bear bag it seems. But food is a real weakness for me on these expeditions, always having to eat the same bland, processed crap so I usually go overweight on the stuff to keep my sanity. I’m going to try to go a week before a major resupply, so I pared down to the essentials for seven days. That would be breakfast, clif bars (ugh) some random cookie bars, and either hot lunch and dinner or a skipped lunch and a double dinner. Yay! I gought oatmeal again too for breakfast. I hate oatmeal but can never seem to remember that fact in the store when I look at how light and cheap it is. A week of gruel will surely jog the ‘ol noggin. Look at that, it fits. You’re impressed, I can tell. Even room for some extra stuff. Gummies and fruit snacks I think it should be. I consider myself a genius for the way I tucked that pot in there. No need to keep that gas and the pocket rocket in the bear bag. I wo…

Blogging on your phone with google docs, photos, and the blogger app

I use blogger to blog and I have the app on my phone. The plan is to continue writing posts in the blogger app and publish as I go. I thought it would be simple, but boy was I wrong. Blogger as an app works well enough, but is inconsistent and unstable. I would write an entire post only to have the text disappear after leaving the text editor. I cannot stress the danger of this enough--draft your posts in another editor before copying to blogger. This problem occurred every time I used a bluetooth keyboard with my phone. In addition, it is surprisingly difficult to attach photos to posts. If you select a photo from the wrong folder, using the wrong program, all you get is a black box that then causes blogger to crash when you try to remove it. I then tried drafting posts in google keep and using the export feature to send them to blogger. Keep saves your work as you go I this was ideal. It is also easy to add notes via voice command, which could later serve as the germs of future po…

Introducing my dog Skywalker

I'm mostly glad he didn't asphyxiate himself. Trying to figure out where he got all these plastic bags.

Appalachian Trail First Aid and Pharmacy

My first aid and pharmacy kit for the hike. A little more bloated than I wanted, but as I perused the Walmart shelves I kept seeing items that reminded of all the lovely pains one can accrue in the wilderness. Maybe after few days I'll ditch some of the pills, but at least this is how I'll begin. From left to right:
Moleskin, for blisters.Hand sanitizer, for the obvious. Stomach relief, pepto-bismol, bismuth tablets. I can't recall using them on a hike before but they've always come in handy traveling to strange lands so they'll get a spot in coach. Likely candidates for abandonment. (Fun Fact: my auto-correct is dying to change this to pesto-mismol, which I am totally willing to try)Vaseline, for moisturizer, lubrication, chafing relief, and occasionally kick-starting a fire. I wanted plain but all they had in baby size was what I can only assume is peach flavor.Goldbond, if your feet get soggy. Campho-phenique. No idea what this is, but it looked like a good idea…

New Release: Cloud Country

Well, that could’ve gone better. Saru had found the blue-eyed girl alright, but she’d blown up half of Philadelphia in the process. Whoops. Now she was a fugitive, robbed of her implants, relying on her “wits,” hunted by aliens, Gods, and the monstrous spawn of fornicating universes. It was a crap deal, but it wasn’t all bad. She’d stolen a plane, a luxury model with a fully stocked minibar. And she had company, a rogue Gaesporan named John. And there was something strangely liberating about having screwed up so badly you couldn’t really do worse.  
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I'm pleased to announce the release of the latest book in the Special Sin series, Cloud Country. It was a hell of a time finishing this sucker, a lot of jittered coffee hours smashing my face against the keyboard. Maybe I'll expound on the particular agonies later, but for now, hurrah, hurray, and huzzah.

The Appalachian Trail: Prologue

In a few days, I am beginning a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. There's a why in there somewhere, the same why that you could slap on any human endeavor.When I roll the idea around in my head, I think of how lucky I am to even be alive and to have the health and ability to hike the trail. There's something inside me that needs to do it. I would be failing in my mandate as a full spectrum human being if I left that need unfed.Plus you can pee wherever you want in the woods.Details to follow, as well as a breakdown of my kit, helpful advice, and a full catalogue of the many mistakes I will make so you don't have to.