Appalachian Trail food: super coffee

I don't usually drink hot coffee in the morning (too lazy to heat water) so I devised this little concoction to sneak in extra calories and protein. I call it super coffee--name suggestions welcome. Not too complicated, chocolate whey protein mixed with instant coffee. Proportions are about fifty fifty. I throw it in a water bottle and shake it up and it tastes like chocolate iced coffee.
Shaking it all up in the coffee container.
Was going to keep it in the coffee container, but decided to switch to a plastic Ziploc. It holds more and shrinks with consumption to make more room in the bear bag. It's important to double bag this puppy so it doesn't leak. Might ditch the oatmeal now and just go with this for breakfast.


  1. I love your post and thanks! I never considered mixing protein powder with my coffee. That makes a lot of sense – fortified coffee, yay! I’m into the 3 day military diet to shed some 7 pounds for an upcoming Hawaiian vacation and your coffee mix is such a good idea. Although, I’m holding off the chocolate powder for now. The diet is low carb and they allow black coffee and green tea. I think the extra protein powder can enhance the diet, so far I can’t find any info to say otherwise. If you want to take a look at the diet for curiosity or maybe make a review of it, here’s a good resource page:

  2. One way to learn the secrets of cooking and eating for real results is through experimenting with food. If you are a beginner Chris


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