No Dogs in Philly

No Dogs in Philly is a dystopian sci-fi thriller, available through in eBook and paperback.


Philadelphia. Elzi on every corner, cops just itching to crack a skull, and the Gaespora lordin' it up in their high towers while the rest of the filth dribbled down the sewer. Saru had a way out. All she had to do was find the girl, one skinny stray with blue, blue eyes—bluer than anyone had ever seen—and ten million fat bucks were hers. Except someone was killing blue-eyed girls, and they were A-list, major-league, cold-sweat effective. And something about the end of all existence if she failed.


Fjall is an epic 2D platformer and light puzzler, set in a magical world deep inside a mountain. Play as a crystal ball armed with the power of the elements and delve into the malice of a dragon’s lair. Following is the script for game events and the trailer. Available from Dimecoin Games,

The Folly

The Folly is a strategy RPG of war, alliance, and betrayal. In an alternate universe, Archimedes survives the Siege of Syracuse and his creations propel the Roman Empire into the industrial age thousands of years early. The following are events from the game that players may use to manipulate the board and bring themselves advantage.

Conjurer: Awoken

These are the first five pages of a script for a smartphone game. I took the original script and re-wrote it while maintaining the structure and progression so the developer did not have to change any of the original cut-scenes or text boxes. Conjurer: Awoken is available for Android and iOS from Zero Zen Games.


Dominion is a collectible, buildable board game set in the same universe as Minion. Players place tiles throughout the game, creating a unique board each time. Each tile has different creatures and spells that  players use to conquer their opponent's territories. 

Color Tiles

Creation War

Creation War is a collectible card game set in a gothic fantasy world. The strategy revolves around the physical position of cards as players build armies and battle for territory.

The Rake

 The Rake is a young adult novel about a teenage prodigy who forms a criminal organization that governs the lives of every student in his high school. The following is an excerpt.


Kevin had been looking forward to that Friday, the day when he could show Job how great the Fan Club was and how much fun it would be and how cool his older brother really was. Not really…maybe that was part of it. He sat through class in a state of extreme agitation waiting the final bell to ring.

Phil caught him after school and asked him if he’d help set up for the party, of course Kevin agreed. He hopped in shotgun beside Phil, and Paul and two others crammed in back. They drove until they left Cressonvil—two miles—and passed through other small towns of varying affluence and class until the surroundings became markedly uglier. Unsightly and unkempt billboards dotted the area; the buildings were dirty and dilapidated, boarded shut, graphitized, defaced, sporting rundown wooden porches or ugly cement steps sometimes occupied by an old, wild looking homeless man; muddy, weedy yards, broken glass, young children improvising toys, a fat woman sucking a cigarette watching carelessly; street corners with tough punks eyeing passing cars with hard dangerous glances, granting the occasional nod, and looking badass; vandalized basketball courts with metal nets and cracked black asphalt; dirty streets, plastic bags blowing across like post-modern tumbleweeds, dirty socks, indistinguishable dead animals, dirty syringes, heaps of black trash bags; and in the background a seemingly endless field of factories and chemical plants, foremost among these belching giants, discharging rivers of black and gray smoke into the bleeding sky, was the sanitation plant which lent the ubiquitous tang of feces to the thick, foul air. This post-apocalyptic panorama was the city, ghetto, of Fairston, a fifteen-minute drive from Cressonvil. 


The following is the first two chapters of the science fantasy novel The Aureliad. It follows the life of a young girl with the power to alter reality at will, and the events that lead to the downfall of man and our flight from this universe.


Laylis was an Uolian and like all her kind she knew the stars. 

On Uolia the sun is a single flare of white each day. Cryoplankton take the sun burst and digest it slowly, trapping the light within. The snow and ice glow with steady faint illumination and the people’s eyes grow wide and dark. They look up at the sky with those eyes and see stars so many the sky is black and bright. 

The sea on Uolia is master. It is cold and sharp and blue like lapis lazuli and the waves are like crystal. Land is rare and comes in sheer, stark mountain isles with shores of snow and ice. The Uolians fish the sea for the seals brought in the coming. They eat the meat and burn the fat for fire. Their huts are made of seal skin stretched over whale bone. They sleep outside in fur sacks and lie together as a single family-tribe for warmth. They sleep always on their backs and fall asleep watching the stars.

Minion Cards

Minion is collectible card game board game hybrid. Players form a deck of powerful artifact cards with which to equip their minions. Minions move about the board and use the artifacts to battle for control of Places of Power.

Biome Cards

Biome is a collectible card game designed to teach children (and adults) about the environment. Players choose Biomes such as tundras, forests, and wetlands, and populate them with flora and fauna to achieve a variety of goals. Through the game play players learn the trade-offs involved in developing a natural habitat for human benefit. 


Glory is a card-based multi-player RPG set in a darkly whimsical fantasy world. The design offers a plethora of skills, spells, traits, weapons, followers, and twists that allow for infinite replayability. Every turn a player is faced with a challenge he or she must overcome known as an Event. Following is a sample of the events a player might face.

Zero Sum

Zero Sum is a math-based puzzle game where players move through a number maze by performing arithmetic.